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Relaxation on the Go


We live in an environment where the speed at which we operate is overwhelming. To help people to reduce stress and anxiety, Transcend provides a fully integrated relaxation experience. By combining a personalized mobile application with a smart chair, our product provides the user with fully immersive and relaxing experience in public space, offering at least 10 mins to “take time to stop and smell the roses”. The project includes concept design and business plan.

Client / 

Local Motors


Role / 

Design and Stragegy


Team / 

Anna Phan,

Izabela Witoszko


Year / 


Problem Space

We live in an environment where the speed at which we operate is overwhelming. People need a way to bring peace into their day. How might we design an experience that will give people at least 10 mins a day to slow down, reduce stress and anxiety?

Long nights studying

On the go

Always connected

Overbooked schedules

Pressure to succeed

“It’s hard to unwind throughout the day. I try to take a short break, go for a walk.”

“I normally go away for a weekend to unplug. It lets me to forget about everything.”

Needs List

provides privacy

easy access

fresh air​


effective relaxation time​

allows me to unplug


Design Process

To solve the problem mentioned above and to provide a fully immersive experience, a smart chair with a cover installed a soft screen and a speaker is designed. A hoodie-like concept is selected to both ensure the safety and fulfill ergonomic needs. 

Before making the final full-scale prototype, a low fidelity paper box prototype was made and tested with users, to collect more feedbacks for further improvement.

​Users Feedback

  • Animations were faint (might be due to sunlight)

  • More noise canceling 

  • Song sounded like it was looping

  • Users want to recline on the chair

  • The relaxation experience is more important than personal preferences

  • Some users need the ability to change settings

A full-scale prototype by a chair, a dome, wood boards, foam, and fabric was made.

Product Reveal

Transcend provides an immersive relaxation experience by integrating a boost pod with soft screen and speaker. The user can download the App to control the content they would like to enjoy.

Boost Pod

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

Mobile User Interface

Four Ambient Modes

Business Plan

Boost Pod

Fully immersive and integrated relaxation experience at an affordable price: $1300


Market Opportunities

The service will be provided in public space, such as corporations, airports, and transportations. Individuals can also own the service at home.

To introduce our product to market, high-tech corporations will be our first customers as they are the early tech adopter. Those corporations care more about employees' wellness and have high spending power. Silicon Valley office will be our first target and will expand later after the first introduction.


We compared our product with three types of products who can provide similar service as we do: Immersive experience, Smart furniture, and In-car content & service

Immersive Experiences

Smart Furniture

In-car Content & Service

Distribution and Marketing Strategy

We want to become the “go-to brand” for personalized relaxation on the go

Supply Chain Strategy

Manufacturing & Development Plan

Mobile app and platform: 6 months

Boost Pod: 1 year

Business Model & Financials

Business Model 

We provide a full solution at $1300 selling price and in app purchase.

Go to Market Strategy

Cost of Chair Production (BoM)

Total cost per unit: $233

NPV & Cash Flow

We hope to be cash positive by the 2nd year.

NPV: $2M in 4 years

Retail price: $1300

Sales volume: 30% per year

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