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Smart Table UX & UI Design 

Smart Tourism

The project focuses on intelligent tourism experience design in cities of China sponsored by iSoftStone. Smart touch screens installed in public space like visitors center, hotels, and scenic spots aim to provide quick and convenient tourism information and personalized tour plan for tourists in the city. Users can easily sync any information they need to a personal smart device to take along. With two modes designed: user mode and admin mode, the screen can be used for both tourists guidance and city planning. By logging in the admin mode,  administrators can monitor the number and quality of facilities in different areas. The report can be downloaded for further city planning improvement purpose. 

Client / 


MIT Design Lab

Role / 

UX & UI design

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Project Research

To provide a quick and convenient user experience, information to be presented was carefully selected and categorized, to avoid too many choices but enough details information if needed. Open API of different resources have also been taken into consideration. 

Contents List

Localized contents list was created based on four basic necessities of life in Chinese culture: Yi (clothing), Shi (food), Zhu (Lodging), Xing (transportation).

User Mode Flowchart

Planning Mode Flowchart

Design Ideation

The smart touchscreen was designed with two modes: user mode for tourists and planning mode for admin.


In user mode, the design meets the demands of tourists with either strong purpose or no idea about destinations. On the touchscreen, users can indicate the information at a specific spot, or ask the touchscreen to customize a plan with users' preference. Mobile Sync is supported to download preferred information from a public device to a personal device, which provides easier access to an individual user and reduces waiting time for other users.



In planning mode, an administrator can have a clear overview of facilities' number and quality in different areas. More details can be viewed by indicating a specific spot. A report can be downloaded for area improvement or city planning.

UI Flow

UI Design

UI Scheme 

User Mode - Tourism Indicators


Scenic Spot Info

Scenic Spot Nearby

Scenic Spot Direction

Scenic Spot Info

Spot Sync

Restaurant  Sync

User Mode - AI Customization 

Customize a Plan

Choose a Task


Spot Recommendation I

Choose a Schedule 


Spot Recommendation II

One Day Recommendation 

Planning Mode

Planning Mode Login 

Planning Mode Home

Planning Mode Logout

Planning Mode Spots Nearby

Report Sync

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