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3D Printed Projection Makeup Headwear


Sheray is a concept accessory design based on 3D print technology. It is a projection makeup headwear with a combination of both fashion and technology, allowing people in a dark environment to become the focus.

Project Type / 

School work


Role / 

Product design


Team / 

Cheung Lui


Year / 



In the dark gathering like concert or party, people usually like to wear luminous accessories for increasing atmosphere or being outstanding in the crowd. To design Sheray, a projection makeup product, both fashion needs and technology support are included in the research phase. 

Opportunity Analysis

Sheray is designed from the inspiration of a series floating wires following the 2015/2016’s fashion trend.  Tiny projectors are hidden in the front wire to project the patterns already prepared. Different styles base on the floating concept is designed.

Final Design

Sheray meets the demand of the youth who wish to become outstanding in the dark events like a party. It allows instant makeup changes controlled by mobile phone.

Design Concept

Relationship with the headwear and possible projection positions has been studied before the design. Here are several possible projection positions.

Interface Proposal

Interface layouts both on computer and phone are proposed to install and control Sheray.

Making Process

3D scan and print technology were used during the making process.

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