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An economical and sustainable energy saving solution for bars in Delft, the Netherlands 


Resa is an economical and sustainable system for energy saving. It controls lighting and heating, and is specially designed for pubs in Delft, the Netherlands. It includes a touchscreen for a pub owner to control the entire pub environment and a device per table for customers to control their own surroundings.

Project Type / 

School work


Role / 

Research, product development


Team / 

Ronan Wilde,

Christy Do Quang,

Tanja van der Heide


Year / 


User Research

Observation & Interview

Observations and interviews with pub owners are conducted in three bars in Delft in order to review different habits, features and methods that might have not been noted or stated by the manager.

• Pub owners care more about the customers than sustainability.

• Staffs can forget to put down/off the heating and lights etc.

• The pubs prefer light bulbs over LED for cosy atmosphere.

• The most energy consuming parts are for kitchen uses.

• A lot of pubs have candles on the tables for good atmosphere.

• When there are more customers in the pub, less heating needed.

• Most pubs have an system to control temperature and lighting.







Touchscreen Design

User Scenario

Task Flow Chart & Task Analysis

To create a better understanding of the user interaction with the interface, task analysis and task flow chart are made. The attention is focused on the actual task that a person need to perform.

Interface Design

Energy Control & Usage Overview

Device Design

Product Prototype

An Arduino prototype is made to simulate the measurement of light intensity. In the real product, it should work on both lighting and heating, so only the former will be shown in this prototype.

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