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Exhibiting Science

Moon on the Water

Sun in the Sky

The Moon on the Water, Sun in the Sky is a light art exhibit under the MIT dome - the landmark located at the center of MIT campus. The art merges light, time, and space, evoking the power of nature by light transmission and reflection through a dichroic filter. Two circles, green and magenta, which represent moon and sun, are projected alternatively every hour.

Project Type / 

MIT Museum Gallery ​Exhibition

Role / 

Exhibiting Design​​


Exhibition Time / 

May - Sep, 2018

The contract between the two circles is reminiscent of polarities in nature:


warm and cold,

micro and macro,

dynamic and static,

inner and outer,

water and sky.

Medium Experiment (4).gif (5).gif (7).gif (6).gif (1).gif
IMG_4521.JPG (10).gif (2).gif
IMG_3515.jpg (8).gif (9).gif

Exhibition at the Dome

Moon on the Water, Sun in the Sky

Moon on the Water, Sun in the Sky

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