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Product Development Practice

Glasses Carrier

This is a product development project that helps people to carry glasses. The project fully engages in the exploration and expression phases of the design process, which includes market research, user needs, observational research, and various methods of expressing these findings. The final solution is provided by going through the process above.

Project Type / 

School work


Role / 

UX research, product development


Team / 

Individual work


Year / 


Problem Statement

Before we help people about how to carry glasses, we need to know why people carry glasses, and what kind of glasses they are carrying. Two main reasons were found: for eyesight disorder and for specific activity.

Market Research

Competitive Analysis

Some relevant products are provided in the market. To understand more about the market, a benchmark is created. From left to right is from well-protected to accessible, and from up to down is from fashionable to traditional. A product of both fashionable and accessible is in need.

Market Segment

User Research

16 users of different ages and disorder types are interviewed and observed.


Design Concepts

30 concepts were generated based on the needs list. There are mainly two concept types: glasses design and container design. The Concept feature includes:

      1. Multifunction & Combination (fashion accessories, stationery)

      2. Transformation (size, shape)

      3. Attachment (collar, trousers, personal products)

Concept Scoring

As increased resolution will better differentiate among competing concepts, by concept scoring the 11 design concepts from the result of concept screening, 5 ideas were selected, 

Final Design

After testing the five prototypes with multiple users., the Easy glasses-phone case was selected for the final design.

  • Glasses-phone case

  • A layer for glasses cloth or card

  • Checking message & Watching video

  • No interference with phone usage

Interview and Observation

Needs List

The raw data from user interview was interpreted in terms of customer needs and was organized into a hierarchy. This is to make sure the product is focused on customer needs and that no critical customer need is forgotten.

Concepts Selection

Concept Screening

By concept screening 30 design concepts, the ideas were narrow down to 11.


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