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Multi-functional scooter with two brands identities


Dilivar is a multi-functional vehicle that can transform among three formats: skateboard, scooter and trolley, and mixes two brands characteristics, Caterpillar and DHL together. This project focuses on design process and application of brand characteristic.

Project Type / 

School work


Role / 

Product design


Team / 

Hui King Pun


Year / 



Brands Research

Caterpillar and DHL are both famous brands for their product lines and brand characteristics. Research on both brands before design process helped to understand their iconic identities and prepared to apply on the following product design.

Functional Research

Concept Sketches and Final Structure

Model and User Scenario

Dilivar was refitted from a skateboard and a scooter. Front and back anchor plates are designed for the multi-functional transformation. Two more layers and extensional carrier were also added for trolley usage.

Final Design

When the handle is folded, the Dilivar is portable or using as a skateboard; as the handle is unfolded with an acute angle between the board, it is a scooter; to adjust the handle with an obtuse angle between the board, it can be used as a trolley with an extensional carrier.

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