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Brand Design in Dongdao

Brand Design

Dongdao Design and Branding Consultancy Co., Ltd is a Chinese top agency in brand design and management, who is a practitioner in the booming creative industry in China. I had a full-time internship in Dongdao for brand design and UI design for an online educational platform.

Client / 

National Economics Foundation


Role / 

Brand design


Team / 

Individual work


Year / 


National Economics Foundation

The logo shows economics as an E with arrows upwards in a cube.

The logo shows NEF in a cube to express elements of rational, diversification and think tank.

2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition

The logo shows traditional Chinese belief about compositions of the world -  orbicular sky and rectangular earth - with form of seal cutting.

The logo includes features of plant, animal, and Beijing culture, which shows the vivid relationship between all the creature and environment in horticultural exposition.

China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater

The logo shows a dancing phoenix forming an "O" of "opera".

The logo is a ribbon forming a red ball. Three layers of the ball show "C" "O" "D", which represents "China" "Opera" and "Dance Drama".

Logo 整体由环绕的丝带组成球状。丝带意象取自于汉唐时代盛行的水袖舞的造型及音乐韵律,亦为中国歌剧舞剧院三大经典剧目 《文成公主》、《铜雀伎》及《宝莲灯》中的重要舞蹈形式,代表了中国歌剧舞剧院悠久的历史以及中华民族的文化形象。球形中一只金凤凰展翅欲出,象征极具生命力的中华艺术蓬勃向上。 丝带颜色为金黄与中国红,寓意创新之光照进传统文化,中国歌剧舞剧院与时俱进、不断创新,将历史故事以现代的方式展现于舞台之上。丝带呈 “C” “O” “D” 状,分别代表 “China” “Opera” “Dance Drama”, 为名称英文缩写。丝带缠绕组成球状,象征中国歌剧舞剧院让中国歌舞剧艺术走向世界。

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