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The Exploratory Study of Light in the Future of Caring Cities and Personalized Lighting Design in the Public Space

Personalized Lighting in the Future City

Light plays a significant role in urbanization throughout human history. And as the number of people living in the cities has already exceeded half of the world's population, people are facing many challenges like poor infrastructure, social problems, etc. To overcome the burgeoning populations, the lighting innovation is necessary.


This project presents a lighting system that integrates design strategy, system architecture, and product design as a solution to the challenges of a light and caring city. Using a co-working space as the concept demonstration, the project introduces the Personalized Intelligent Connected Lighting System including five-layer ruleset (which integrates a human's biological clock, weather effects, shared space occupancy, activities performed, and custom settings made by users), two luminaires design, and their application and installation.

This project is a graduate thesis and collaborative research with MIT Design Lab and Philips Lighting. Partial of the contents are presented in an interactive website. The full thesis is downloadable at the end of the website.

Client / 


MIT Design Lab


Role / 

Integrated Design

Team / 

Kamin Phakdurong

Year / 

Oct 2017 - Jun 2018

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